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Baskets, Deano Pickering, March 2016



I saw baskets, lots of ‘Moses baskets,’ floating on the water … all had young infants inside … all unaware they needed to be saved and cared for. The baskets drifted in the water and they came to a bank where there was a large palace … and people from the palace were picking up the baskets / infants and caring for them - adopting the young as their own, declaring them princes and princesses of HIS royal family. Then I saw that this bank was being watched by a rescue team in a large boat. The people on the boat were the same as those on the banks … same family! They were there to rescue and save the lost. 

Snow Globe, Jackie Francis, April 2016 


After the Quiz Night at the Medway Centre, I began praying, ‘what next’ for The King’s Arms Church and the different activities it was involved in. I felt God gave me the following picture / prophetic word. I saw a snow globe. We (the church) were inside and the ‘King’s Arms’ was written around the bottom. God was coming to give us a good shake. He was coming to shake us up, but not in a bad way or a scary way. He would give us a short intentional shake as He held us in the palm of His hand. In the snow globe all the snowflakes started to fall down over us. God said we would see and feel the Holy Spirit move on us and in us in different ways. Ways we hadn’t experienced before. Then the snowflakes gradually settled. But the globe looked new and different. The flakes had settled in new and fresh places. God said His shake up would change the landscape of the Church, so that it no longer looked the same way as it does today. Folk would look upon us in a new way, and find us in new places. It was beautiful. Along the bottom of the snow globe it no longer simply read ‘King’s Arms’, but it read ‘Torbay Church’. God whispered with a smile “Treasures of royal beauty awaits you.” (I realised afterwards that the first letter of each word spells TORBAY).