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Many people have some idea of the Christian

faith – perhaps from their childhood or the

occasional church event - but have little true

understanding.  The Alpha Course is the perfect

way for anyone to investigate what it’s really all



Alpha begins with an introductory evening,

followed by the course which is a series of

9 weekly evenings and an Alpha Day (after week

6).  The format of each Alpha evening is as follows: two course meal (free of charge) • 30 minute talk on the topic for the evening • discussion • opportunity for Q&A.


Alpha enables you to have a look at what the Christian faith is all about in a friendly, non-pressured, but informative, way.  The emphasis is upon exploration and discovery in a relaxed and informal environment.


The topics covered on the Alpha Course are:

  • Who is Jesus?

  • Did Jesus Rise From Death?

  • Why Did Jesus Die?

  • How Can I Have Faith?

  • What About Prayer?

  • Who Is The Holy Spirit?

  • What About The Bible?

  • What About The Church?

  • What Is The Heart Of the Christian Faith?


If you are interested in doing the Alpha Course, please click here for the Get In Touch page and indicate your interest there.


Here are some comments from a few of the people who’ve been on our recent Alpha courses in response to the question, “Would you recommend our Alpha Course to other people?”


"Definitely. The course gives you the opportunity to explore God and faith, providing people who are happy to help you with questions and feelings you may encounter, with no pressure. The whole way the is run is excellent, it is relaxed and the people are great."


"I would definitely recommend Alpha to others. The group of people were very inviting and open, in a relaxed environment, allowing for everyone’s beliefs to be shared in a non-judgemental way, and the food was lovely (an added bonus). Thank you for an enjoyable experience."


"I would definitely recommend this Alpha Course to all – You meet lovely, friendly people, in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. Following your meal, you have a discussion about the topic for the evening and it’s really interesting to see how other people interpret these topics and as the weeks go by, the questions come flowing, because you feel enthused to keep asking and exploring."


Freedom In Christ is a tool which helps us to grow as disciples who are living

more fully in our identity in Christ and the freedom he has won for us. We

have run the Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course a number of times in

various settings: as a midweek small group; and as a small group in a home

setting. The teaching has been given using the DVDs prepared by Freedom

in Christ.


What happens on the Course?

At the beginning of each session we serve refreshments and have an opportunity to get to know each other, and as the course goes on, for people to raise any questions or difficulties they might be experiencing. It also gives the opportunity to start talking about the theme.


The teaching generally lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and it is broken down into 2 or 3 sections with time for discussion based on what has just been taught. There are some suggestions for Quiet Times during the week and a ‘Big Question’ to think about before the next session. Each participant is provided with a Participants Workbook, which has notes of each session, discussion questions and space to write your own notes.


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Click here for the Get In Touch page and indicate your interest there.

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